The last week has been quite incredible. Who would have imagined that by bringing together a mix of artists, academics and writers for a week would result in a fully formed book? I am still wrapping my head around what we have achieved. Although I am seriously sleep deprived, my brain is still buzzing with thoughts, ideas and conversations.

ADA Book Sprint

This process of intensive collaboration and writing is called a Booksprint, a process founded by Adam Hyde, an open source developer and community builder, hailing from New Zealand, though now resident in the USA.

Collaborators included Su Ballard, Rob Carter, Tim Corballis, Zita Joyce, Helen Moore, Julian Priest and Vicki Smith. The contributors worked together for 5 days in an incubator environment focusing on the themes of space, network and memory.

Aotearoa Digital Arts (ADA) organised the booksprint, as part of the ADA Mesh Cities series of events.

On the 28th, we launched the ePub of book at the Christchurch Maker’s Space (XCHC).
After some great speeches from Vicki, Tim, Su and Zita, we were treated to an impromptu performance where Rob and Julian invited the audience to help shred the post-it notes. It was a fun and wonderful expression of closure and completion.

20151128_191005.mp4 from bytetime on Vimeo.

Book cover


You can preorder a copy of The Transitional Imaginary: Space, Network & Memory in Christchurch online at Freerange Press.

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