Our journey to the APY Lands
Our journey to the APY Lands

APY Lands – Off the beaten track
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For the last week, I have been in the Central Desert of Australia working on a project with another artist, Renita Glencross. Our project is titled Rust, Dust and Water Memories and is an evolving project exploring place and storytelling via a number of elements in the landscape – some rusting cars along the roadside and the rivers in the region – which are mainly dry river beds.

Aside from being a fabulous artist, Renita is also the Executive Director of a non-profit community focused organisation Ethos Global. Also accompanying us on the journey was one of the Directors from Ethos Global, David Tafler, an academic from Pennsylvania who has been coming to the APY Lands for over 25 years. I had met Dave earlier this year at Balance Unbalance. It was great to travel with people who knew the lands and many people in the communities as this was my first time on the APY lands. It was really wonderful to experience this beautiful landscape and meet so many amazing people.

While we were on the APY lands, Renita did some follow up on some projects that Ethos Global have been managing – installing some Satellite phones with Wifi on some of the homelands. It was very interesting learning more about this project and how access to the internet in these remote communities is changing lives.

More on this later 🙂

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