A great new initiative has started up in Canberra to support young talent  – Stir. The website says:

Stir is a platform that provides 15-30 year olds in CBR with the skills and tools to write a proposal for their personal projects.

The platform also invites everybody to give their feedback and show their support, and when the 1st of June arrives, the 15 projects with the most supporters will receive a $1000 Stir Grant!

What I like about this platform is that it is modeled on other crowd-funding platforms, but supporters only need to register support, not contribute $$. I think this is a great way to go, especially for young people who might be a bit daunted by the process of crowd-funding. It gives the opportunity for youth to get the experience of promoting their project without the pressure of meeting a funding target.

Burner Collective is one of the projects currently featured on Stir.

Image from Burner collective's Stir project
Image from Burner collective’s Stir project

Burner Collective was started three years ago as a direct response to the lack of opportunities  available to young ‘beat makers’ in Canberra. Now they have had 10 releases including over 40 artists, managed numerous events in Canberra and continue to grow and develop as producers. They are a great example of talented young entrepreneurs!

While we are on the subject of entrepreneurship, there is only 8 days to go to support the Way of the Turtle project!

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