An interesting AR project using Layar to explore the city and share stories about what residents have ‘lost’.


In the summer of 2014, digital artist John Craig Freeman started walking the streets of Los Angeles and interviewing strangers at random. He wanted to learn a little bit about the psyche of the city’s residents by asking them one question: “What have you lost?”

He got all sorts of responses. Among them were “water,” “dignity,” “faith,” “fame,” and “the 43 students of Ayotzinapa.” After speaking with each person, he asked them if he could take a 360-degree portrait of them, which he’d use to generate an avatar when he went back to his lab. These would be paired with digital representations of each person’s lost “item,” which would then be geotagged to the spot where the interview was conducted. Each story would be be “viewable” through an augmented-reality mobile app. Los Angeles, he says, is now “littered with lost objects and avatars.”

Here’s what the resulting map looks like so far:


The point…

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