It is Tuesday morning and we are now in Mysore, but my head is still buzzing from #Adacamp Bangalore. I feel so privileged to have spent time with so many amazing, talented and skilled women in an environment where we shared our stories, knowledge and experiences.

The first session on Sunday was about augmented reality. I posted up a request for a discussion (not as a leader), in the hope to attract some women with an interest and technical skills in this area. I was particularly interested in talking about developing an open source and device independent platform which could be free to content creators like myself. What we ended up with was a very engaged small group of women at the session. After some technical hitches I was able to do a show and tell of some of my work, which I was very happy about. The discussion between the group was very stimulating, as we talked about a range of technologies used for AR and the potential to develop a project together. So I hope this is the beginning of something wonderful.

The second session was about OpenStreetMaps vs Google Maps which was very useful and informative. To give a short definition, Google Maps is a service where as you can actively contribute to the development of OpenStreetMaps. Like Wikipedia, there is a community of editors, contributors and developers – around 1 million around the world. Perhaps there could be some future possibilities of using open street maps in one of my AR walks…

After lunch we headed into our final sessions, a two hour workshop. I elected to do the Arduino workshop which was more of a show and tell, rather than a hands-on. It was very informative though and a great demonstration of how powerful this tool is for making all sorts of things. My next challenge is to start playing with a kit and making something.

At the end of the #Adacamp, I felt like I had learnt so much, shared some and made some new friends that I hope to stay connected to and work with in the future.

Thank you organisers and everyone involved – I had an awesome time and now proudly boast being an Alumni on my Twitter profile 🙂

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