Cleaning up the beach, image from Di Ball's Facebook page

Kochi Interactions
I am starting to develop a new walk which focuses on the South Indian city of Kochi (Fort Cochin). This project will further expand my ‘intervention’ and collaboration with the Long Time No See? fieldbook, as well as looping in another project – a performance art project by Beach Ball (Di Ball).

My project is part of the Kochi Satellites, which is a fringe event to the Kochi Muziris Biennale, so I am really excited to be involved.

I have created a map which will outline the way points once they have been decided.

Beach Ball goes every day to the beach at Kochi, where she marks off a section of the beach and cleans up the area and collects the rubbish in large bags. It is a project that artfully engages people in positive and sustainable behaviour change. Since Di started her project over a week ago, she has collected many bags of rubbish and each day more and more people offer to help her to clean up the beach.

As a fellow beach lover and native Queenslander, I really relate to this project as the beach and coastal environmental is a special place for me. Stay tuned for more…

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    New project in development about Kochi, South India.


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