An article by Linda Carroli about Long Time No See? where there is a reference to my creative intervention into the project.


This week I completed, to full draft, the Fieldworking project, which was funded by the Visual Arts Board of the Australia Council. Fieldworking was intended as a year-long art writing project that would topologically and topographically examine public art and cultural space. In a general sense, this is what I am referring to by the idea of ‘field’. The intention was to focus on relational and connective spatial processes and practices. Due to a range of personal, health and family issues, the project took significantly longer than a year to complete.

In designing the approach for the project, I sought to write topologically, linking the writing and walking process through a process of field work. This involves several elements: undertaking walks in various localities, taking panoramic photographs at points along the way, and integrating ‘writing as research’ which required writing in a reflexive and careful way in the experience…

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