From "Finding Balance: Mura Gadi" 2013

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It has been a really long time between blog posts, but I have had a good excuse. For the past few months, I have worked on an exhibition and publication – Finding Balance : Mura Gadi, which is now on at the Belconnen Arts Centre.

Here is some documentation of the show.

Sign outside gallery - photo by Martin Drury

Wall 1 of the show - photo by Martin Drury

It has been a massive project and I have had so much help, especially from my husband Marty (Martin Drury), who has done heaps – from being a sounding board for ideas on design and layout of the publication, to patiently cutting all the mounts for the prints, to helping with the exhibition install. Catherine Summerhayes, Linda Carroli and Shannon Novak all contributed to the publication and many other wonderful peeps supported me on pozible, which was really fantastic.

Augmented media - photo by Martin Drury

Book display - photo by Martin Drury

Wall 2 of the show - photo by Martin Drury

Here is some more documentation of the exhibition, with a lot more to come – especially demonstrating the augmented reality feature of the book and exhibition.

Augmented - Booroomba Rocks - photo by Martin Drury

Wall 3 of the gallery - photo by Martin Drury

Augmented - Birrigai - photo by Martin Drury

Finally, a big thanks to all the lovely staff at Belconnen Arts Centre, it is a wonderful gallery.

Now onto new projects 🙂

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    A 2013 exhibition by Tracey Benson at Belconnen Arts Centre which focused on walking, augmented reality and meditations on nature


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