This is a very useful blog about Web Design (as opposed to Web Development). Thanks Don for giving permission for reblog.

Don Charisma

INTRO FROM DON – Heather as most of you know is our technical writing intern.

Heather and I worked hard on this the first article we’ve published – it’s on Web Design. She’s done a great job of explaining the basics of what “Web Design” consists of – It’s a good starting point 😀

Many are confused between “Web Design” and “Web Development” … Guess what’s next ? “What Is Web Development”

What Is Web Design?


When you open up the web browser on your computer, tablet, or smartphone what is the first thing you see?


A web page!

The internet is built on web pages, all of which have been designed for a specific purpose: to give visitors exactly what they’re looking for. On a well-designed web page, visitors can navigate their way around the page (and any subsequent pages linked to it) with ease and confidence.

A web…

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