A post from geokult-travel.com about how to create a great blog.

Geokult Travel

People often ask us for hints about how to create a blog which has a good following. Online engagement is a topic I write about on my personal site at www.traceybenson.com, but thought it might be useful for travel bloggers.

Here are our top hints:

  • Start off with a free blog from blogger.com or wordpress.com if you have never created a blog before. Also tumblr.com can be used to create blogs. We prefer WordPress as it is also a robust CMS (Content Management System) but that is a different topic!
  • Choose a theme that suits your topic – do a search on other blogs that have related topics.
  • Before you post your first article, make sure you have created an “About” page to share with readers who you are and why you blog. It is also good to have a photo on your About page.
  • Use categories and tags…

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