As a keen blogger and social media user, I am very interested in knowing when my posts get more attention. Sometimes I put a lot of work into a blog post, only for it to not be seen by followers. Other times I am surprised at the responses to a post, thinking no one would be looking at the time. In an earlier post about some shortcuts to social media savvy, I wrote about channel management and ways to cross purpose your social media content.

I have been doing a bit of research on the matter of timing and have found some useful articles on this topic. Here are a few helpful posts:

Personally I have found that posting blogs and on Facebook works best in the morning, especially before 9am. Also, I have had good engagement early evening with both Facebook and Twitter. This would make sense as early in the morning a lot of people catch up with social media before work and then check in again when they get home. I have also found a good response to blog posts on Saturday mornings, particularly from Europe and the US.

Here is a cool infographic from Social News Daily

Best Times to Post On Social Accounts
Best Times to Post On Social Accounts

Given that it is Monday afternoon, I am not expecting a lot of responses to this post, but you never know 🙂

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