One of the most popular topics from my Mediakult blog were posts about data visualisation and infographics. It is also an area that I am still very interested in developing skills and knowledge. Since 2007, I have published a number of blogs on the subject:

In the article titled Information Visualization ‘L’ plater on the loose from 2012, I talked about my interest in this area and my desire to develop some skills. Here is a quote from that post:

For the last few years, I have been fascinated with the many and creative uses of data visualization. This was sparked by seeing more and more creative and innovate ways of presenting data, especially at events like THATcamp and GovHack. For example, local Canberra impresarios Mitchell WhitelawTim Sherratt and Paul Hagon  have all done very interesting things with a range of national collections.

I am still definitely an ‘L’ plater, but very really happy to say that at the moment I am working with Mitchell Whitelaw, tutoring at University of Canberra with the Cross Media Production 3rd year subject. University of Canberra has some really fantastic projects happening  with data visualisation and cultural institutions which I will discuss in the future.

Anyway, there are heaps of good resources out there, such as this 2007 article from Smashing Magazine titled Data Visualization – Modern Approaches is an oldie but a goodie, having lots of really interesting and diverse examples of how data can be visualised.

Finally, here are some links to some great data visualisation sites:

One thought

  1. I would like to share a comment from one of my beautiful friends on Facebook, as I felt very inspired and encouraged by her words:
    “I love your blog….and info on new stuff that you are sharing….I am such a newby when it comes to the how to present via data visualisation and infographics….but what I see and feel about the resources available is that I see tangible manifestations as physical realities through expanded consciousness ….. very exciting stuff”
    Te Urutahi Waikerepuru

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